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10th Anniversary Ideas

We have worked hard here at the tin gifts offices to give you a really in depth selection of 10th anniversary ideas, of course we will feature a selection of our gifts for you to look at all made with the 10th anniversary in mind. However, this section is not for promoting our products but to ensure that you have some really great 10th wedding anniversary ideas for gifts and things to do to make the 10th anniversary that extra special and an occasion that will be remembered for many years to come.

Ten years ago you and your partner tied the knot and ten years later through events in your life you did not foresee you are still going strong, in a relationship that will go on for many years to come, you may have bought homes, been through many jobs and brought a family into the world, whatever you have done in your ten years of marriage it should be awarded with a stunning 10th anniversary to remember.

We have producing Tin gifts for the 10th anniversary for five years and during that time we have heard some really great 10th anniversary ideas, we are proud to be able to share the ideas and events that some of our customers, who kindly emailed us to let us know how their special day went.


What would a 10th anniversary be without a great party to celebrate your 10 years together, Colin burrows did just this and wrote,

‘Thanks for asking how we spent our day, we put together a little invite list and invited everyone who came to our wedding to a 10th anniversary party, the little party we imagined turned into a really big event and people turned up that we had not seen or spoken to in ages, thanks to facebook I guess. Was a really nice party and sad it’s over.’

Visit to the hotel they got married in

There is nothing more special than remembering your wedding day and talking about the events of 10 years ago; another 10th anniversary idea is what Georgina Wolfgang wrote in with.

‘Hello Kevin, we had a really special day, my husband surprised me with a night in the hotel where we got married, it was something unexpected and really took me by surprise, the hotel had not changed at all and believe it or not was still had the same owners, a lovely couple from America. Lovely night and one we will remember.’

Visit to where they first met

Similar 10th anniversary idea to the comments above from Georgina was this great ideas from an unnamed customer who gave us a call to thanks us for the product she ordered, she commented that she and her husband had arrange to visit the place where they first met, some 15 years before they got married. Was a great story that I would love to be able to share with you. Could be a perfect 10th anniversary idea for your anniversary, depending on where you met of course, meeting at work and going back to do a days’ work would not be a fun activity.

Stayed in bed

One we liked best as a 10th anniversary idea is from Claire Evans from Worcester who wrote,

‘we did nothing just stayed in bed,’
Which is considered a rare thing nowadays.

Diamond product

It’s been hard to avoid talking about the comments about our products and how they have made for a great gift and a great 10th anniversary idea, but I thought this one would be worth a mention.

Sue Priorer from Hampshire wrote ‘thanks for helping me find what turned out to be a really nice gift to give my husband of 10 years, the present was for you 10 year anniversary and he loved it, thank you so, so much.’

Disneyland with the kids

Claire Troon from Devon wrote to say that 'the best part of her 10th wedding anniversary was to spend it with the children; they are all under 10 so they took the family to Disneyland Paris and spent the weekend at the park. A great idea for you, spend some quality time with the children and appreciate what you and your husband of 10 years had created together.

Photo book for your ten years

One of my favourite 10th anniversary idea and a product we are currently working on creating in our extensive and every increasing range of 10th anniversary gifts. A photo book could feature anything, from your children to our favourite from Eileen came as a memory of your ten years of marriage. What couldn’t be better than taking a look at all the memories your ten years of marriage has created? Combine this great gift idea with staying in bed all day and you can both lie in bed together chatting about your fantastic marriage.

Above is just a small selection of 10th anniversary ideas that our customers have kindly shared with us, of course there are many more ideas out there, our advice would be to use the above as a guideline, be creative and personal, your 10th wedding anniversary is a very important day and one that will be remembered for many years to come. Please feel free to drop us an email with any more 10th anniversary ideas.

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