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65% of couples reach their 10th wedding Anniversary

The giving of gifts to celebrate each year that passes as a married couple can be traced back to the Roman Empire, when husbands would give their wives silver and gold wreaths on their twenty fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries respectively. Nowadays, not much has changed, and couples traditionally mark their anniversary with giving presents to one another. 

The 10th wedding anniversary is an important milestone for any couple, especially as statistics show that only 65% of couples actually reach this point in their relationship, with many not making it past the fabled 'seven year itch'. Despite a growing rate of divorce and those opting for cohabitation only, in modern society many couples are still making the life long decision to commit to each other through marriage. 

Since the 1930s, each anniversary year has had a specific material associated with it. This represents the stage that the relationship has reached, traditionally starting with more fragile materials, such as paper or linen, and finally progressing onto heavy and precious metals such as silver and gold. British couples who manage to make it to their 60th anniversary and beyond will often receive a personalised anniversary wish from the Queen. 

To mark the first decade of married life together, it is traditional to buy gifts incorporating tin or aluminium. Tin represents the qualities needed in any successful marriage; to be strong and durable, but also to be able to bend without breaking. Popular tin gift ideas include creating a memory tin. This is a tin box which can be customised for the individual couple, and inside keepsakes, mementos and photos of their life together so far can be kept for posterity. 

Other ideas include giving jewellery made from tin, or gifts incorporating daffodils or diamonds, which are also associated with the celebration of a 10th wedding anniversary, particularly in the USA. The landmark event of ten years together is cause for family and friends to come together and celebrate with the couple, just as on their wedding day.

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