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Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts

We have many websites related to the 10th wedding anniversary and that talk briefly about the traditional 10th anniversary gifts, however we feel that a wedding anniversary of this importance deserves a little bit of a more indeph article about the traditional 10th anniversary and why the the gift material was chosen for this amazing milestone in your marriage.

Two materials Aluminum and Tin are a common traditional 10th anniversary gifts choice but over time Tin has become far more relevant traditional 10th anniversary gift choice and our website show a fantastic range of traditional 10th anniversary tin gifts.

But why is Tin, a strand material chosen for such a landmark event and why is there a traditional material at all?

The giving of a certain material for an anniversary occasion dates back to medieval times when people used to give materials with different meanings to their loved ones, the material would be placed within a reef which in turn was supposed to represent everlasting love (continuous circle)

The traditional 10th anniversary gifts of tin was chosen for several reasons, Tin is a strange material and has some strange properties. Pure tin is very soft and flexible, this property in itself was one of the reason this material is used for the traditional 10th anniversary, it is supposed to represent the flexibility in a marriage that is needed to have achieved the landmark 10 years.

The second reason this material was chosen and one we believe to be the main reason why Tin is given as a traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift. Over the last few hundred years Tin has been in every home for one purpose... to preserve food in your Tin cans. Tin is a non corrosive metal, it does not rust, does not tarnish and was commonly used to make items such as Tin foil and of course Tin cans. In more modern times the tin cans in your home are made of Steel and then coated in a layer of Tin to prevent the steel from rusting, tin has become very rare and expensive over the years therefore cans were switched to steel. The giving of Tin for the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gifts is to represent protection to your marriage and to your partner. Tin gifts has a great range of 10th wedding anniversary Tin gifts, with your partner wearing an item of Tin jewellery you can do your part for the tradition and allow your Tin jewellery to protect your partner for years to come.

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