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Traditional Anniversary Materials by year

Many websites and sources offer tables and notes on which gift to choose for each wedding anniversary year, although this website is clearly about tin which is the traditional gift for the 10th anniversary we have kindly provided not just a list of traditional gifts for each anniversary year but with a detailed explanation of why that particular material may have been chosen for the anniversary year in question.

The main reason for the order of the materials for each anniversary year below is derived from the strength of the material, with paper being a weak material and Tin being much stronger when you get to the 10th year off marriage, this that is supposed to represent the strength of a relationship getting stronger with age

1. Paper – given for the 1st anniversary, to represent the start of a marriage, generally the weaker materials of the bunch it was chosen to represent the ability to be created into anything. You have a blank canvas and can create anything from the many years you will be married.

2. Cotton – give for the 2nd anniversary it comes in many forms, from thin cotton shreds to cotton garments. The reason it was chosen for this particular year is a little puzzling and follows more or less the same lines as paper, however your relationship and marriage has a lot more strength but still is open for change and to be moulded into anything.
3. Leather – it’s this point in a marriage, after three years together that a couple start to feel more secure, you’re settling into to a relationship and the family or life you are building is getting stronger. Leather was chosen to represent this reason as it strong, warm but still durable enough for change.

4. Linen – linen is a difficult one to discover and we can’t find much information in our research as to why linen is given for the 4th wedding anniversary. Maybe it has something to do with statistically most babies are born during the 4th year.

5. Wood – chosen to demonstrate a sturdy and strong marriage, five years as husband and wife and a couple are truly set in their own way. Wood is a strong material that can last a long time, but, it can be eroded and great care needs to be taken to ensure the wood does not rot.

6. Iron – after seeing off the dangers of a rotting 5th year wood relationship comes iron, your marriage is now very strong and cannot be broken. What interesting is that wood is also known as the modern alternative for the 6th wedding anniversary.

7. Copper – copper has been well regarded in many countries to represent good luck, fortune and happiness. We believe that the giving of a copper gift for your 7th anniversary represents the good luck of having one another for seven years.

8. Bronze - we have researched for you why bronze was given for this year. Bronze is very similar in characteristics of tin, it is strong, does not corrode and provides protection. Bronze was given for the 8th anniversary as it offers the above, but does not offer the purity of tin that you will read for the 10th anniversary.

9. Pottery – this material is given for this year as it is an interchangeable material, crafted into many shapes and objects, this represents the nice years you have been married and how you have changed as people during your time together.

10. Tin – this website is full of information about the traditional gift for this year so I won’t go in to much details, more information can be found on our articles pages or by visiting the gifts sections on the left hand side.

Above is a details explanation of the anniversary gifts by year, we have undergone detailed research into why each anniversary gift was chosen for each specific year, if you find out any further information please don’t hesitate in getting in touch to help us ensure this information is accurate.

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