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10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your 10th Wedding Anniversary is a landmark occasion, an anniversary that should be celebrated in the right way, you have the party sorted, now how about the gift? For over five years, the tin gifts company has produced quality jewellery and gift products made from the rare material of Tin. Tin is the traditional gift for the occasion, reasons for this can be found below. Take a look around our range and get in touch if you require the use of our overnight delivery service in the UK and USA for those that have left it a little late to buy that perfect gift.

Be sure to check out our very popular diamond products, where you can buy your husband or wife something extra special, they do say diamonds are a ladies best friend, combine this with tin and you have something so special for your wedding anniversary.
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Information about the 10th wedding anniversary and why it is given

10 years married is a great achievement and is a very special anniversary; having spent ten years together this will always be a special one. By now you probably have children, a house, even some pets, so you know you have been through a lot together already. Celebrate this landmark year in style.

Tin is given for the tenth wedding anniversary as a landmark event to symbolise many aspects of a strong relationship, Here is why.

The purest tin is a very flexible material and can be bent into many positions, however despite this Tin stays strong and can be bent back just as easy. It will not break and can be twisted back into the strong shape it once was. It’s this few lines which best demonstrates the symbol of tin for the 10th wedding anniversary, though your ten years together as husband and wife your relationship could have been twisted, its strength tested, but like tin, still stays strong and lasts for many years more.

There is also another reason Tin is given as the symbol for this anniversary, and that for its anti-corrosive properties. Through-out history tin has been used to coat many metals such as steel to protect them from rusting, pure tin does not tarnish, does not rust and will stay with a nice bright shine for many years. It’s for this reason that a unique Tin gift presents, maybe it’s an item of jewellery or a tenth key-ring, no matter what ideas you have, having your partner wear or use a tin product will help protect them from corrosion and help protect your marriage for many years to come. So make sure you protect your marriage with tin.

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